Dear Friend:

Believing in tomorrow can carry us through today. Unfortunately, those who suffer with untreated alcoholism and addiction have typically lost all hope in themselves, others and in tomorrow. For many newly sober and clean addicts, relapse is more commonplace than the maintenance of recovery. As a matter of fact, according to the CDC, fewer than 10% of the people who leave treatment or detox are able to maintain sobriety.

Recovery Resale Thrift, Incorporated, (RRT) is dedicated to individuals seeking recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Our mission is to fund support programs that promote recovery from addiction as well as provide opportunities for access to treatment, positive life changes, personal growth, esteem building, education, work force training and life skills.

There are so many whose plights daunt them. With your tax-deductible donation, we can make the road to recovery an easier path. Please join our efforts to assist alcoholics and addicts in creating a foundation that will help them sustain a sober and fulfilling life. Together, we can offer hope, healing and support. With your gift, we can make a difference and continue our mission to end the cycle of addiction and alcoholism.


Ronica Hardway, Program Director